Principled Design

Principled Design is a design and development studio based in New York city specializing in wearable technology and e-textile solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop holistic solutions that address this complex ecosystem including concept and materials development, seamless integration of electronics into fabrics, textile and apparel design, as well as adoption by end-users.

Principled Design has been pivotal in connecting the dots in the wearable technology and e-textiles world, in both tangible and intangible ways, bringing about a new model of collaboration and development amongst its partners and clients.

Open Innovation Group

An integral part of our model and practice is the Open Innovation Group formed to bring together select industry leaders to share our development work and provide us with continuous feedback, domain expertise, industry connections and prototyping facilities. To learn more about the group and how to join email us at:

The PXL Connector Series

Parallel to our consulting services and as part of our R&D work, we have developed a series of prototypes, most recently focusing in the development of PXL, an e-textile connector solution to tackle one of the most vexing and pressing issues in the seamless development and manufacturing of e-textile based products.

Using the PXL Series we are actively developing customizable e-textile connector solutions for a variety of clients and substrates, most recently for conductive inks and for fabric-based solar cells.

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